Not Family Friendly: Dog Breeds That Aren’t The Best With Kids

Choosing the right dog breed for you and your family is no easy feat, especially if you have little kids. Although dogs are considered man’s best friend, this saying varies by breed. It’s crucial your new pup will not only get along with you and yours, but also your children, as well as guests and neighbors. Although all dogs can be trained, not all breeds can be trained to like and cohabit with kids. Believe it or not, but owning certain breeds may even cause your homeowners insurance to hike! These are the dog breeds families should be wary of letting their little ones around.


Although chihuahuas are small and cute, they may not be the best fit for you and your family, especially if you have young kids. Chihuahuas are known to display their dominance over younger members of the pack. They apparently view kids as members of the pack, often becoming jealous and aggressive of children of the family. Chihuahuas are quite the stubborn breed, often very strong-willed, making them difficult to train.



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